Our Mission:

  • To celebrate indigenous Arctic cultures
  • To sustain the interaction of traditional ways of life with the globalized world
  • To bring awareness to the environmental issues affecting the Arctic
  • To provide opportunities for artists to flourish through face-to-face professional and cultural development

The Circum-Arctic Gallery arose out of an active interest in engaging with and supporting indigenous Arctic cultures and their arts. The Gallery’s goal is to celebrate the ancient Arctic civilizations by helping artists share their art and craft with each other and the world. Our connections with artists and communities throughout the Arctic regions place us in an ideal position to work toward the sustainable preservation of this unique cultural heritage.

As climate change and technological advances create unprecedented accessibility to the Arctic, life is rapidly changing for its people. The region’s new business opportunities in oil, gas, mining, and tourism have the potential to drastically alter the centuries-old ways of life as well as the land. While such alteration may bring wondrous and welcome transformations to Arctic peoples and their arts, we hope to encourage the preservation of traditional artistic practices as much as we celebrate new ones.

Currently, the Gallery is an annual traveling show with no permanent exhibition. Moving throughout major cultural and art centers of the world, the Circum-Arctic Gallery will pilot its first exhibition in October 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland